Amazon vs. Sales Tax in Nevada

Yesterday I was interviewed on the radio show “Having It All” with Jenifer Rose on 99.1 FM Talk.  We discussed a hot topic concerning Amazon and sales tax.  Amazon does not collect sales tax in Nevada for sales made to Nevada residents.  Consumers are required to remit the sales tax to the Department of Taxation

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IRS Offers Videos to Assist Small Business Owners

The IRS currently offers a 9 part video series on teaching business owners their  tax responsibilities.   The series includes the basics that all small business owners should be aware of after starting their business.  I highly recommend all new business owners view them.  And, it probably wouldn’t hurt long time business owners to take a

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Email information compromised: Should you care?

The company that provides email service for many major companies was “hacked” recently. Their clients include companies such as Target, Verizon, Capital One and many more.  The press release states that no other personal information was stolen such as account numbers or credit card numbers. You figure, it’s only my email address, so why should

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