Email information compromised: Should you care?

The company that provides email service for many major companies was “hacked” recently. Their clients include companies such as Target, Verizon, Capital One and many more.  The press release states that no other personal information was stolen such as account numbers or credit card numbers. You figure, it’s only my email address, so why should I care?    Thousands of people or companies probably have your email address BUT they don’t always have other information about you such as where your financial accounts are. Now the thieves know more about you,  just enough to trick you.  IF they can contact you via email and convince you that they are from Citibank and  that you should log into their website to update your personal information, that could pose a real problem.   Here’s a link to a great article from PC world that sums up what you need to know.

Also, while we’re talking about this, remember the IRS never emails you about your taxes….ever.  And if you think it’s valid, call the IRS to resolve, never, ever, click on a link to go to their website to do anything.  Basically, if some company emails you and instructs you to ” follow this link to log in and update your account information” DON’T!

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