Right Now

Most of us have so many things on our mind every day, and to top it off we are more accessible than ever before with our mobile devices, e-mail and phone. With all of these communication devices we are unable to stop at the end of a workday physically and mentally. Even if we do turn off our cell phone at the end of the day and vow to stay away from e-mail at home, work’s still there many times at the forefront of our thoughts. You may be having dinner with your spouse and although engaged in conversation, your mind is somewhere else. You may be reading your kids a story and yet you are rehearsing tomorrow’s presentation in the back of your mind or mentally planning your day.

Have you ever been doing something really fun or been somewhere that is breathtaking such as the Grand Canyon? And in that place, you couldn’t enjoy it as much as you should have because you were thinking about something else. I have, many times. That is until I heard of the concept of “right now”. It’s a simple concept really, but it can dramatically change your life. When your mind is not focused on your actions, you lack harmony and you cannot truly do either one very well.

Developed by Chris Crouch, the concept simply states that by using a cuing phrase such as “right now” you can bring your mind back into congruence with your actions. I’ve tried it and it works. On the weekends, I take my 2 kids to the park and often have found myself mentally drifting back to work, deadlines, clients, and so on. After learning the technique, I am able to catch myself and think “right now I am enjoying time with my kids”. After that I can focus on what I am doing at the moment and enjoy it much more.
This is extremely helpful during work as well. When you just need to focus and get something done, this technique can help you limit all of the other distractions that can knock you off course. Think “right now I am working on the ABC project” or “right now I am focusing on this meeting”. You may have to keep mentally repeating it as other things come up but the effect can be amazing. Every distraction we encounter while trying to complete a task only increases the amount of time we have to spend on that task. I know that when I am trying to focus on a bookkeeping task it’s critical that I focus on what I am doing at the moment so I do not make a mistake or lose my concentration.

Try this technique during the next week and it will dramatically alter the way you see the world. My two year old has the right now concept down pat. He thinks “right now want a I cookie” and subsequently all of his worldly efforts will be directed at that cookie and nothing else is on his mind. As a parent, that sometimes can cause a struggle, but I admire his unwavering focus and determination. Right now, just imagine how much you could get done if you could focus completely.

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